47 E. Bridge St. Spring City


Center City Steaks & Pizza

47 E Bridge St
19475 Spring City


I've heard good chatter about CCSP since I've been in and around the Royersford area. This is one of the better cheese steaks I've had in a long while. The... more
Agreed with other posters, no frills and good food. I find myself returning for the Cheesesteaks, which are some of the best in area. I am originally from... more
Just moved in and needed to find a replacement cheesesteak hoagie for our Friday night meal. Tried this place and ordered a pizza as well. We live 3 mins... more


  sm-8" lg-16"

Regular Strom

Made with cooked salami & capicola(hot) ham

9.50 11.75

Ham Strom

Made with boiled ham & capicola(hot) ham

9.75 12.00
Steak Strom 11.00 13.75